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WHY THIS partnership model?

You have an in-house development team? You need additional skills? This partnership model would be perfect to extend your existing team with additional team members. You can scale your team fast, you can choose developers with the exact skills you need, and you have full control over developers as if they were sitting in your office.

We have offices in Auckland, New Zealand and Kiev, Ukraine, with development team based in Kiev. Learn what makes Ukraine a great choice for IT offshoring.



Lisa Condor

Founder & CEO, Tailscreen

They took ownership of the project, accepting our input in line with what they had in mind. We were working on a series of explainer videos for one of our clients and subcontracted guys to do animation videos for us.  They accomplished all in time with excellent quality.

Nick Farrow

Co-founder, AIStart

It was my first time working with developers in Ukraine. We used to work with development houses in India and the Philippines, and I was a bit concerned about moving strong, going relationships with a new company. However, I think it has been one of the best decisions we have made. You understand this with time. Fare estimate delivery time, good prices and great understanding from the development team and product managers. Excellent experience, Class A++ agency. Quick learners, passionate and always think about their customers.

Mark Wise

CTO, Allianz

369 exceeded my expectations in many ways. I am happy to say working with 369 has been a drama-free collaboration. Their leadership and project managers are experienced and pragmatic. First time I see people who offered many helpful business suggestions and try to understand my business. Their development team has been delivering true value to my company and business.

Karim Helal

CEO, ProPack

Have you ever seen technical people speaking 'easy' language - these guys do. It was easy to understand what, when and why they do things. They were giving us weekly updates about the development process and support our digital transformation by refactoring the whole batch of systems and applications.

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