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benefits of IT offshoring to Ukraine

why ukraine

90,000 it professionals

1,000+ IT service companies

100+ Multinational R&D centers (Samsung, IBM, Oracle, e.t.c.)

$2,5bn Value of software outsourcing export in 2015

Ukraine has been one of the most outsourced countries of Eastern Europe for a long time. According to regular publications of IT Outsourcing news Ukrainian companies top the lists of best countries to outsource software development.  Here are the reasons why Ukraine succeeded in becoming popular outsourcing destination:

Forbes and Entrepreneur have nice articles on why Ukraine is a great choice for IT outsourcing.

1. Expertise

Ukraine’s technical education is the foundation of Ukraine’s IT ecosystem. Every year the country graduates over 150,000 students, and about 15,000 IT specialists amoung them. With more than 90,000 IT professionals Ukraine becomes a leader in Central and Eastern Europe by the number of engineers emerging into the labor market.

Outsourcing rankings


Outsourcing Market in Eastern Europe


In CEE by the number of engineers and number 4 globally


In CEE by outsourcing volume


Ukraine has the cheapest and largest engineering labor force in Europe. Operating costs are the Lowest in Europe as well. These factors make it possible to keep overall prices to be very attractive for the clients from the USA, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

3. Developed IT industry

There are more than 100 IT companies in Ukraine with 80 employees or more. Together they have offices in more than 50 countries around the globe. Ukrainian IT companies work hard on solving different problems and finding the best solutions. Ukrainian IT teams are agile and challenge ready. A lot of specialists keep up with your working hours, no matter in what time zone you are located. These factors make ukrainian IT indastry a very competitive player on the market.



Mark Wise

CTO, Allianz

369 exceeded my expectations in many ways. I am happy to say working with 369 has been a drama-free collaboration. Their leadership and project managers are experienced and pragmatic. First time I see people who offered many helpful business suggestions and try to understand my business. Their development team has been delivering true value to my company and business.

Michael Dunworth

CEO, Wyred

Greater engagement with their creative team. These guys have huge expertise in design and keeping track of reality. Their creative concepts are clean, good looking and simple. They implemented them effectively. The team was friendly, responsive, and involved.

Andre O'Brien

CEO, Payment Initiative

369 studio is one of the most professional and talented dev teams I have had the chance to work with. Our collaboration started three years ago from a small project and had been going for those three years. Being able to find the team of people who wear customers shoes, and those who do are rare to find.  If you look for people to sort your needs, look no further.

Lisa Condor

Founder & CEO, Tailscreen

They took ownership of the project, accepting our input in line with what they had in mind. We were working on a series of explainer videos for one of our clients and subcontracted guys to do animation videos for us.  They accomplished all in time with excellent quality.

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